MS Wheel Mouse Optical Redux (August 2018)

2 minute read

Back on the WMO train again. I was using Sweetlow’s signed driver, but it stopped working again, probably due to Windows updates. You can find the old guide...

Benq XL2411T Monitor Review

6 minute read

Before I review the Benq, it’s worth giving a bit of background about the monitors I’ve owned up till now.

Moving Origin Games to a different drive

less than 1 minute read

I wanted to move my BF3 install to my SSD but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Numerous posts suggested things, but none worked until I found this:

Since when was it in vogue…

1 minute read

… to make aspects of your game totally totally and utterly unbalanced when new players are in the mix? I realise that people are OCD and like collecting shit...

Project: MyWorld announced

less than 1 minute read

We finally announced our minature-version-of-real-world-as-a-platform-for-games project last week. Image shamelessly nicked from Luke’s blog:

Data oriented design links

2 minute read

I’ve been doing a little reading around data oriented design of late and thought it was worth sharing some interesting links. Here’s my distillation of the r...

Mouse Input in FPS Games

3 minute read

Am I the only PC gamer that is really, really fussy about mouse input? I say this because it feels like every other PC game I play comes with default input s...

L4D - Pleasure and Pain

8 minute read

Left4Dead is ridiculously good. I can’t quite get over how tremendously visceral, tense, hilarious and fun it is. I’m one of those people who tries games, bu...