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Empathetic Code

I always liked the phrase, “if you’re incapable of empathy, then you shouldn’t be designing APIs”.

I’ve worked with some terrible libraries in the past and the worst ones all had a common design flaw: the author didn’t put themselves in the user’s place. Worse still, sometimes the author just didn’t give one. When someone using the code pointed out that something was hard to understand or didn’t make sense, they were met with a snarl and shouted down; “it makes sense; you’re just using it wrong”.

On the other hand, I’ve occasionally picked up libraries/frameworks that make an extra effort to guide you along the correct path. The author of the code understood where users were likely to stumble.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a carefully designed API you’re crafting for external use or internal code that will only be viewed and modified by engineers inside the company, you can always do something extra, especially if it’s something that’s already tripped you up.

If you encounter a gotcha, why not write a bit of code to clearly document the case, particularly if it is time-consuming to debug in the first place?

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