Video recording with MSI Afterburner

I’ve used this application for half a year now, but had no idea that it has the ability to capture video. 

It’s slightly more configurable than FRAPS, the file sizes are smaller and, crucially, it doesn’t seem to degrade in performance when recording for multiple minutes.  My registered copy of FRAPS causes massive system lag after a few minutes of recording (as in, I’ll drop from 60 fps down to 3 fps, and it’ll just constantly ping-pong between 3 and 60 fps until I stop the recording).

MSI Afterburner works perfectly for me.  Give it a try

  1. Can you please tell me how to record with the MSI Afterburner

  2. You need to open the settings page, navigate to the video recording tab and then set it up (bind a key to start/stop recording, etc.)

  3. it work normal in game but the problem comes here.When i entering nest so call dungeon MSI eventually stop record and i cant resume record after i go to town which firstly work fine. What setting should i change for thed problem

  4. I start recording on msi afterburner but i cant stop it i dont know why please help

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