Moving Origin Games to a different drive

I wanted to move my BF3 install to my SSD but couldn’t figure out how to do it.  Numerous posts suggested things, but none worked until I found this:

From the EA forums:

From SicklySquid:

“OK. I thought I would pass this along like a good Samaritan.
SO I had the problem of not being able to install BF3 Into the directory I wished. I did most of what -=ADF=-Joey said, however I could not find _installer\DISK1 or EASetup. If they were here I would of found them trust me haha. So instead of uninstalling the game through the setup I simply used the windows uninstaller. (note: I moved the game to the directory on my other HD first. Also deleted the folder in the directory origin put it in.)
After I opened origin back up and instead of it saying "download" it said "install". It gave me the "working" symbol for a minute or so. Then it recognized it in the directory on my other drive. FIXT! “

  1. Figured out my own way,
    – configure origin to point to empty folders in my new disk
    – start fresh install and download,
    – pause the download
    – stop origin
    – switch the brand new BattelField 3 folder with my old one
    – restart origin

    it lets me start the download from 14 GB instead of 0 (long time I didnt update)

  2. Thanks Simon. That did the trick.

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