Normal service to resume shortly

I’ve had an .. interesting few months.

Realtime Worlds went into administration and then collapsed.  It was quite abrupt; abrupt to the point where even the more cynical amongst us (i.e. me) didn’t see it coming.  We’d done some cursory back-of-the-fag-packet calculations in the pub and reckoned there was roughly another year of funding in place; we’d also been assured in the past that MyWorld was not at the mercy of APB’s performance.

The gist of it is that APB launched to a critical mauling.  The company’s great hope haemorrhaged money; the sack-everybody card was duly played.  Understandably, the project that was not making revenue was first on the chopping block and MyWorld staff were placed on 30 days of consultation, with a further 30 days of notice of dismissal after that.  It was a long, drawn-out process that bore little fruit.  Needless to say, I was very, very … displeased.  More than two and a half years of service down the drain; some folk had much more to lose.

Long story short, we all got made redundant.  During this period I was rather pre-ocuppied and didn’t do much interesting programming at home (I spent most of the time in the pub moping and fostering a weird, giddy doom-mongering spirit), so the blog went a touch quiet.

A new company sprang up to continue development of MyWorld and I’m now a part of it.  This is now common knowledge, so there’s no great harm in saying so.  Hopefully we (we as in : the new company) will be blogging about our games/technology/company culture in future, but I’ll try to resume normal service of talking balls here, too.  I’ve recharged my batteries and I’m ready to go again :)

On another plus note, pretty much every single person I knew on MyWorld has now secured a new job.

  1. Glad to hear things are working out and that all the hard work on MyWorld won’t go down the drain.

  2. Thanks, Jon. How are my trepid friends getting along? :)

  3. Wow, this project is very impressive. Unfortunately the website is down and it’s quite hard to see the details. Care to share a bit more about the vision and what you have ?

    With the forecoming trend of WebGL in the browser, I could see this really take off. Grats for the fantastic work!

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