No longer a software engineer in test

.. I’ve swapped jobs at Realtime Worlds; I’m now a plain ol’ software engineer.  As a result, there’ll be no more test engineering for me.

Whilst it’s true that I am changing jobs, what I learned as a test engineer has irrevocably changed the way I write software for the better.  I learned about the value of automation and wrote tools to automate processes, but the most satisfying thing I did was learn about how to design for testability.  Not only do these principles aid us in automated testing, but I firmly believe that following these principles results in better code quality.  These two separate things have much in common and seem to naturally converge.

Any time I had to pick through some code, the more thought that went into the testability of the code, the easier it was to work with and reason about the code.  As such, doing a two year stint as a test engineer was possibly one of the best entry level routes I could’ve hoped for.

I’m test infected and there is no going back on that.

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