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Functional-style programming – Easy debugging!

Ever since LINQ arrived in C# land, a lot of people have been using a functional style of programming without even perhaps being conscious of it. 

I always chuckle when I read the words “functional style”, because I picture grim marches across a barren landscape, brutalist architecture and people with beards. 

One particular facet of programming in a functional style is where, rather than mutating an existing piece of data, input data is transformed / projected into something new via a pure function.  Since this style of programming limits the number of side-effects, it makes debugging a comparatively wonderful experience. 

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Normal service to resume shortly

I’ve had an .. interesting few months.

Realtime Worlds went into administration and then collapsed.  It was quite abrupt; abrupt to the point where even the more cynical amongst us (i.e. me) didn’t see it coming.  We’d done some cursory back-of-the-fag-packet calculations in the pub and reckoned there was roughly another year of funding in place; we’d also been assured in the past that MyWorld was not at the mercy of APB’s performance.

The gist of it is that APB launched to a critical mauling.  The company’s great hope haemorrhaged money; the sack-everybody card was duly played.  Understandably, the project that was not making revenue was first on the chopping block and MyWorld staff were placed on 30 days of consultation, with a further 30 days of notice of dismissal after that.  It was a long, drawn-out process that bore little fruit.  Needless to say, I was very, very … displeased.  More than two and a half years of service down the drain; some folk had much more to lose.

Long story short, we all got made redundant.  During this period I was rather pre-ocuppied and didn’t do much interesting programming at home (I spent most of the time in the pub moping and fostering a weird, giddy doom-mongering spirit), so the blog went a touch quiet.

A new company sprang up to continue development of MyWorld and I’m now a part of it.  This is now common knowledge, so there’s no great harm in saying so.  Hopefully we (we as in : the new company) will be blogging about our games/technology/company culture in future, but I’ll try to resume normal service of talking balls here, too.  I’ve recharged my batteries and I’m ready to go again :)

On another plus note, pretty much every single person I knew on MyWorld has now secured a new job.

Project: MyWorld announced

We finally announced our minature-version-of-real-world-as-a-platform-for-games project last week.  Image shamelessly nicked from Luke’s blog:

I’ve worked on this for over 2 and a half years (in test engineering and software engineering capacities) and learned a hell of a lot during that period.  It’s not finished yet, but head on over and check it out :D