Clownshoes DRM coming soon

1 minute read

Can you believe this horse shit? Yes, you read correctly. DRM that requires you to be online. At all times. Not at all irritating. Check the calendar, folks - it’s not the first of April.

I’ve already had enough of the likes of Securom messing up my (paid for) games. My trials and tribulations included misfiring versions of Fallout 3 (randomly stopped working and required a reboot) and Race Driver: GRID (I had to eject the disc prior to starting the game every single time).

Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s latest ‘solution’ looks far more invasive. Do these companies honestly believe that penalising their paying customers will lead to improved sales? It’s a guaranteed road to ruin. There’ll likely be a cracked (read: superior) version on torrent sites within the week of release - possibly a day zero effort. I don’t advocate game piracy, but I could swear that certain game publishers do.

Along similar lines: I’m already fed up with the amount of games that require extra bullshit. Every single extra step that I have to take is a barrier between me and your game. Recently, many games are starting to demand a Windows Live account, even when I don’t care about it. Batman was bad enough for it, but GTA IV on the PC requires me to sign up for a Windows Live account and then constantly nags me to sign up for the Rockstar Social Club. This adds an extra two screens to click through every goddamn time I want to launch the game. I don’t want to watch some user generated bollocks video about a clown on a moped, I just want to play the game.

I feel like William Shatner in “I can’t get behind that”. Leave me the hell alone!

Here’s the old way of playing a game you’ve recently purchased:

  1. Install
  2. Click on shortcut to launch game

Sounds pretty good to me.