Mark Simpson

Senior Software Engineer

About Me

I started out in development by modding games, became somewhat obsessed with automated testing and have a wealth of experience in building 3D worlds & services across multiple platforms.

Over the last decade, I've worked in diverse areas including:

Automated testing

C++, Python, C#, NUnit, RSpec, gtest, unittest, Postman

A cross-platform desktop/web/mobile client

C, C++ plus bindings in various languages

Generation of large-scale 3D worlds from GIS data

AWS EMR, Python, C#

Spatial partitioning & resource streaming

Python, C#, C++, AWS S3 & Cloudfront

Analytics pipelines and reporting

Hadoop, Pig, Redash, AWS EMR, Redshift, Data Pipeline

Deploying, running and monitoring web services

Ruby, Docker, Packer, Heroku, Server Density, AWS EC2

Developer support & documentation

HTML, CSS, Jekyll

(though as you can tell from this marvel of a website, I'm not exactly Mr. CSS Zen Garden)



For the full picture, please download my CV

Programming Languages

Python, C#, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Bash & Windows Batch.

Operating Systems / Dev Platforms

Windows, MacOS, Linux (mostly Ubuntu & Amazon Linux), iOS, Android, WebGL

Project: Overwatch Survey

A survey for the players of /r/cow to gather opinions on the state of the game. The survey was implemented using Google Forms, then processed using Python & Pandas along with Jupyter Notebook.

Links: Article | Blog | Github Repo

Uni Project: Deferred Shading Dissertation

While this is an archaic university project from ~2006, it still gets a fair amount of downloads, so I'm keeping it up.

Links: Github Repo